Tuesday, April 15, 2014

National Fire Protection Association

National Fire Protection Association

The National Fire Protection Association, NFPA , is recognized worldwide as the leading authoritative source of technical conocmientos , data, and consumer advice on the issue of fire protection and prevention. Headquartered in Quincy , Massachusetts , USA , NFPA is an international organization that develops standards to protect people, property and the environment from fire.

The National Fire Protection Association, NFPA was formally represented for the first time , the November 6, 1896 under the chairmanship of CC litlle , but several months later without having the opportunity to provide any meaningful participation , the president died . At the first annual meeting of the NFPA 18 and May 19, 1897 in New York, Uberto Crosby was named new president.
At its inception, the NFPA , only accepted as members fire insurance organization and its representatives . However, the momentum of the new NFPA standard proto became a magnet for many who were not prospects for active members ; in 1902 , this group was known as " Associate Members " and now numbered more than 100. In 1903 the first foreign members joined . The NFPA opened its doors to large groups in 1904.
Currently , NFPA brings together more than 75,000 members, representing 107 nations who are part of the global network of fire protection.

The mission is to reduce global FNPA nive3l , the great burden of fire and other hazards that threaten the quality of life. To this end , the Association codes and standards developed through an open , consensus-based process that has produced some of the most referenced materials industry fire protection , including the National Electric Code , the Life Safety Code , the code Fire Prevention , and the National code of fire alarms .

The mission of NFPA is to reduce worldwide, the great burden of fire and other dangerous that threaten the quality of life. To this end , the Association codes and standards developed through an open , consensus-based process that has produced some of the most referenced materials industry fire protection , including the National Electric Code, the Life Safety Code , the code Fire Prevention , and the National Fire alarm Code .
FNPA 's mission is to reduce worldwide, the great burden of fire and other hazards that threaten the quality of life. To this end , the association develops codes and standards through an open consensus-based process that has produced some of the most referenced materials in the industries of fire protection , incliuyendo the National Electrical Code , Life Safety Code , the code Fire Prevention , and the National Fire alarm Code .
Membership is for individuals rather than for a company, but one of the people in the company you enroll, the rest can use the number to get the benefits .

Monday, April 14, 2014

Star Trek

Star Trek

Space, as Douglas Adams noted in his The Hitchhiker 's Guide to the Galaxy , is great. Really big . In fact it is so big that even science fiction battle to make sense of such immensity . A lot of science fiction pound colossal problem of distances between stars appealing to magic, in the form of faster than light travel, waiting for me that readers forgive the nonsense in favor of enjoying a good story.
But there walk by scientists , engineers and writers of science fiction, the kind of people who like the challenges . On October 22 , a small but dedicated hearing gathered in the Royal Astronomical Society ( RAS ) in London to hear them discuss some of the latest ideas about how interstellar travel might work in the real world , the symposium was a continuation of one much larger than was done earlier this year in San Diego.
Research on spacecraft is enjoying something of a boom. "A few years ago the world had only an organization dedicated to interstellar travel ," he said at the conference Jim Benford , a physicist exinvestigador microwave and melt . " Now there are five ." The next day a lot of the event asistendes visited the British Interplanetary Society ( BIS , the venerable institution that spoke Dr. Benford ) to discuss details of the design of a spacecraft called Icarus .
Research in space travel has always been a small field , and iconoclastic bastion of dreamers that they made a place for leisure time activity that left their formal jobs . Serious and dedicated work in this field began in 1968 when Freeman Dyson, a physicist with an independent mind , investigated the possibilities of building rockets driven by a series of nuclear explosions.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Journey to another world

Journey to another world

Are you just a body , or a body and a soul? Most people would respond , "I am a body and a soul." But do we mean it ? Do we live our lives and make decisions as if each of us was not only a body but a body and a soul?
At certain times in our lives we reconnect to our souls. A wedding is a spiritual experience for the couple, a new beginning from the spiritual union under the chuppah , the wedding canopy .
For many , going to israel is a life changing experience , an experience of connecting with the land , the people and the legacy that is part of every Jew.
The birth of a child is a moment that shakes the soul, we are witnessing the miracle of creation , the wonder of a new life, and felt the awesome responsibility of guiding through life this priceless gift.
On a night outdoors, as we look at the starry sky , we can actually see eternity. A feeling of transcendence we shudder .
A near -death experience can be a dramatic confrontation with the soul. People do not recover from these experiences without realizing that they have been given another chance. Subsequently, each new day has new meaning . And every casual relationship becomes beautiful .
Death itself puts us in touch with our souls. Nobody stops at a funeral and think about the menu for dinner. Everyone thinks , "What is life all about ? " . "Why am I living ? " . "Is there something beyond this world?
We know that we are souls . When we look into the eyes of someone we love , what we see is not a casual cumulus molecules . We love the essence of this person, and that essence is what we call a Nehsamá , a soul.
" God molding man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath ( soul life ) "
The soul is eternal , as opposed to the existence of the body is temporary. When God decides that a person's time on Earth is over, he takes back the soul and the body returns to the earth, complentando the cycle of creation ( " From dust to dust ... " ) . Because in the beginning , Adam , the first man , was created with the dust of the earth.
The essence of our loved ones, the kindness and the special qualities they possess, the part of them that made noble choices in life , I perform good deeds and affection the cavity of others- the neshamah -go to a world of infinite pleasure . In this world, there are no frisicos suffering souls and rejoice in the light of its creator, enjoying the reward for all that you did here on earth.

But what kind of choices and actions are what matter Do the people who saved lives that led armies to victory, who discovered cures for diseases? Yes, these people enjoy a place in the World to Come , but also those who led their lives in a simpler way, they did acts of kindness in silence and made ​​a difference in those around him . Maybe what they did was not in the front page news , but small acts also have merit , and can mean an eternity of pleasures more intense in the World to Come .
What we are now experiencing is called "this world" while the next world is referred to as Olam Haba ( The World to Come ) We are familiar with what happens here , but what happens in Habá_ Olam "?
By supuestto , no Jew in history died and came back to tell us what happens in the world beyond . And yet we are sure that no other existence , Maimonides, the 12th century scholar , includes this belief in his " Thirteen Principles of Faith." Our oral tradition talks about this extensively , and Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism , there is also much wisdom about the afterlife.
The Olam Haba , the sky , it is easier to understand when compared with a theater, Our sages stated that every Jew has a portion in the next world , this means that in the theater, there is a seat for the soul of every person . But as in any theater , some seats are better than others. If God is the " Centre Stage " , some souls shall enjoy seating in the center section of the front row , others will be sitting on the balconies , and some have obstructed views . But everyone has a place. The seat is allocated to us based on the choices we make and the actions we take in the Olam Hazé in this world .
We are told that astonished us who will gain the best asientos.Agacharemos look and say , What are they doing there? They were not as great! What are you doing in the front row ? They did not achieve much !
And God shall answer and say . " It is there because they have heard my voice"
We were wrong when we think that only those who appear great, honorable and successful merited a place before God, each person is judged individually , and we know that mitzva or act of kindness will make the difference when God examines the life of every person .
Listen to God not only dignifies obey the laws of what can and can not do. Listen to your voice means we see that life is not governed by the coincidence that we realize that events happen for a reason, and act accordingly . You may not know the Torah from one end to the other, but if we have a relationship with our Creator , this may be worth a front row seat in eternity.
Our sages say that if we took all the pleasures of our lives , each of them, and all the pleasures of every person in this world, and juntaramos , the tota not be worth the value of a second in the World to Come pleasure to be close to God.
Now, this may have not been foremost in our minds in this world, but we know that if you had been called to someone's house for a meeting and during the meeting the host had announced that God was about to arrive and I wanted to communicate with you, you said you had not " Well sorry , it's getting late and tomorrow I have to get up early " 'd been scared to death , because there is nothing more mportant nor desirable to be in the presence of God , the creator of heaven and earth .
We can not imagine a passive pleasure, for us , the pleasure is aqctivo . We went on vacation. We asked for a raise and get it .

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The effect of space travel (mystical experiences zero gravity).

The effect of space travel
 (mystical experiences zero gravity).

Is space a cosmic drugs? The space voyage a journey of the spirit ? Is there a literally astral projection , the matrix of the earth to the stars? Beyond the beauty of seeing the lights of the universe or admire our planet from outside the atmosphere , there are reports that said space travel places human consciousness into an altered state , described by some astronauts as an oceanic feeling of connection cosmic .

Some neurotransmitters in the human brain , such as melatonin , are closely linked to magnetic fields , this allows to speculate that being exposed to a different magnetic field could affect the way in which reality is processed. Something that it seems to suggest Stanley Kubrick in his film "2001: A Space Odyssey " , where different atmospheres - or lack of them - They alter the consciousness of an astronaut.

Various astronautras described experiences of euphoria and interconnection with the universe in space. Rutsy Shweikart had an experience of cosmic consciousness by giving a spacewalk in the mission of Apollo 9. As part of a test of what would be the first moon landing . " When you give a tour of all the land in an hour and a half , emmpiezas to recognize that your identity is with all this to make a change - . Comes to you in such a powerful way that you feel you are sensitive elmento of man." Shweikart said.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell , the man who has spent more time on the Moon, reported experiencing what he called the "Overview Effect" , the effect that occurs when looking at the Earth from above . Like Shweikart , Mitchell felt a deep connection between all things and a sense of timeless euphoria. Other astronauts have reported similar things - which have sequels already back on Earth.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Dogs Firefighter

Dogs Firefighter

The privileged smell of dogs makes them ideal to perform rescue of survivors in disasters of this type to the point that the rapid intervention of these dogs used to save many lives.
These dogs must pass a rigorous training that starts from your selection. Suitable examples are those of medium size , not too big to squeeze through cracks and crevices or too small for your location does not prove difficult. Selected dogs, they must also have a mild character and lack of which are more suitable for this work is the Belgian Shepherd breeds Mallinois .
During training, the work is referred to the dogs as a game that involves finding "hidden" people in order to play this "game" in real situations. In no event achievements premiam dog food , because in case you are playing a mission and find leftover food, Abandonia search and not be effective .
The simulations are performed in similiar situations to real dogs to get used to noise, cars and challenging terrain . After this training , considered suitable dogs that are able to find three victims in less than 15 or 20 minutes.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Waterfalls of Blue Water

    Waterfalls of Blue Water
A refreshing tourist destination in the Ruta Maya .

Since 1980, the site was declared a forest refuge and wildlife and special biosphere reserve , for in their environment inhabit a variety of species of bo

th classes as a large tropical forest and oak , and animals such as the jaguar, tapir , macaw and toucan , among others, that are in danger of extinction.
This is the most beautiful set of waterfalls that exists in the country for its size, strong turquoise waters and lush tropical vegetation that surrounds them.
Walking along the waterfalls is a difficult experience to describe , also swim in the natural pools that while beautiful , require precautions for visitors to enjoy safely avoid .
Normally this attractive tours depart from the city of Palenque. This stunning series of beautiful waterfalls while going down the Rio Tulija staggered , creating a series of ponds or natural ponds that are contained by limestone dikes ; called " gours " in geological terms.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Firefighter Costumes

Firefighter Costumes


Nomex IIIA Fabric , 7.5 oz ( 93 % Nomex , 5 % Kevlar , 2 % anti -static P140 ) .
Thermal Barrier Aralite NP (upholstery fabric 100 % Nomex IIIA uniado to virgin fiber membrane aramidic ) .
Moisture Barrier Stedair 3000 ; both barriers are sewn together to form a single layer , subject to the jacket through bronches pressure .
Neck made ​​with 4 layers of materials ; profiled "contour " or for a better fit and height no more than 4 inches.
The sealing system consists of 4 snaps and 4 hooks and D rings ;
options available zipper or FR Velcro hooks and rings D and FR Velcro .
Reinforced shoulders, elbows and wrists with extra layer of the same material; Punch area has well system to prevent water penetration ; Kevlar cuffs are double layer fabric and are sewn at the back of the sleeve between it and the well. Available in yellow , blue , red and black .
In special colors lead times are greater.
Patch bags with drainage and closure caps with snap or Velcro FR , reinforced with an extra internal layer Aralite bags .
3M Scotchlite reflective tapes , 3 inches wide and located for visibility as a typical ethyl NYC , around the torso , around the bottom of the jacket and sleeves .
All major seams are double-stitched for added tear resistance .
All major seams are double stitching for safety and durability.