Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Fire in Washington grows with intensity


Without the wind subsided and the temperatures, a large fire in the north central region of Washington State intensified in a week in which the flames consumed homes, farms and panoramic hillsides.
After overflights conducted on Saturday is estimated that the fire caused by lightning covered about 932 square kilometers.
The fire had an extension of 673 square kilometers on Friday.
Spokeswoman Victoria Wilkins said clouds cooled the temperature overnight dissipated during Sunday morning but was expected to return. He added that two thousand 100 firefighters have been deployed to protect buildings.
He said crews are working to allow access to the main line of electricity Methow Valley, which is without electricity for four days ago. It is estimated to take at least three days open access to that area.
Road closures and changed to evaciaciones throughout the day, while the warm weather and winds gusting to 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour) had flames on the cliffs and into a number of localities in northeastern peuqeñas Seattle.
"This is a very active and fluid situation," said firefighter spokesman Chuck Turey.
Neighbors who live between Carlton and Pateros have been instructed to evacuate their homes. The fire has affected the electrical supply and many localities were following Saturday without electricity or phone.
There have been no serious injuries. It has been reported minor burns and bruises. Turey but described it as "a pretty impressive safety record."
About 50 fires are still active in Washington, according to the state governor, Jay Inslee, due to a combination of wet and dry weather, high winds and lightning. Two thousand firefighters were on the east side of the state, with a dozen helicopters recuersos Department of Natural and National Guard, along with a State Patrol plane.

Two thousand firefighters battling wave of fires in Washington

Two thousand firefighters battling wave of fires in Washington 

About 2,000 firefighters are currently fighting the wave of fires that affect the state of Washington and that time has destrudo a hundred houses, at once has forced thousands of people to leave.

On a particularly hot and dry because of the sequita that affects the entire western United States summer, and in a region battered by strong winds, Washington has witnessed during the last weeks of multitus fire, two of which have been violent.
One, Carlton Complex fire, burning a rural area in the center of the state, which has already destroyed 100 houses, many cars and forced to leave the entire town of Pateros, 650 inhabitants.
The fire, which had a perimeter of just over 72 sq km has advanced dramatically overnight, and this morning has already spread to the 673 sq km, according to the forest service said state.
July is the driest of the year in this part of the country, in which the winds were blowing hard during the last few days and is not expected that this trend will change during the weekend month.
"This is uyna very dynamic situation. Fires are very active and things change very fast way", explained the fire spokesman Dan Omdal.
Carlton Complex fire has forced the closure of many roads and highways, while destroying a large number of power lines, so that much of the Okanogan County is no electrical supply.
Just 160km south of Carlton fire, another violent fire progresses rapidly.

Friday, July 18, 2014

A woman first appears in the calendar New York firefighters

A woman first appears in the calendar New York firefighters

The sexiest star in New York firefighters each year known as the "Annual Calendar of Heroes", a very popular among neoyoquinos yearbook. 

Although still scorch the heats, and is printed in the edition of next year and is already on sale at the usual sculpted bodies, muscles .... But suddenly, she appears. Danae Mine is the first woman to pose for the calendar along with 13 other firefighters involved in the initiative. And it's not exactly a model. Danae has 11 years working for the Department and is the only of the 41 women in the Corps who has dared to pose together with their peers. 

With them seeks to encourage other women to join one of the most famous emergency services of the Big Apple. The yearbook costs 15 dollars and can be purchased is kiosks, bookshops and souvenir shops. The money will be allocated to a foundation for the prevention of fires.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Washington, United States Fire

Washington, United States 

A forest fire that consumes grass, shrubs and an occasional tree in the center of the state of Washigton has spread about five square kilometers (two square miles), but authorities reported progress in the protection of homes in the area. 
Rick Costa, fire operations spokesman, said 763 firefighters are fighting the fire in the barrel Mills Saturday morning had grown to about 88 square kilometers (34 square miles) near Entiat, about halfway between Seattle and Spokane. 
Despite the heat, the fire was not much propagated Saturday said. He added that the fire is controlled by almost a fifth and smoke affect the air in Entiat and other nearby destinations. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

New York Fire


 The fire lieutenant who died in fire was due to a damaged power cord in an apartment full of stuff on top of a building, authorities said on Sunday that the facts declared an accident.
The power of an air conditioner remained caught between the structure of a bed and the wall in the apartment on the 19th floor of a building in Brooklyn, and the place was trapped Lieutenant Gordon Ambelas while bucaba victims, said fire Chief Daniel Nigro said in a statement.
Meanwhile, researchers investigating the fire, the first in over two years when a firefighter dies in New York.

"Although the cause and origin of cincendio already identified, the Department continues the investigation" pointed Nigro.
An electric cable can be stripped or damaged enough to cause a fire if near combustible objects, "especially if the heat builds up in an enclosed space.'s Sunday morning solmnemente firefighters put pins in his unit in Brooklyn, in Ambelas which had worked the last months of his 14-year career, while the neighbors returned to the building where the firefighter lost his life.
The fire began on Saturday at 9:30 pm in one of the apartments located higher on a 21 levels of property Housing Authority of the City of New York.
The flames spread to levels 17 and 18.
The apartment was full of pertennecias, hindering the search operation, according to firefighters.
"Ambelas entry into the apartment to rescue anyone in need and not come out, and when his colleagues found it was I demasaido late," Nigro said Sunday hours before.
Colleagues Ambelas firefighters found unconscious and took him out of the building. They worked with emergency responders in an attempt to revive him, but Ambelas was pronounced dead at the hospital were Mayor Bill de Blasio said.
"The city of New York I suffered a tragic and terrible loss," he added.
Due to the fire were treated for minor physical injuries two firefighters and two residents of the building.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fire and storms overshadow July 4 celebrations in U.S.

Fire and storms overshadow July 4 celebrations in U.S.

Fires and storms kept Friday in U.S. regions overshadow the celebrations of July 4, for the 238 anniversary of the independence of that country. 
Such is the case in California where a fire threat Friday to hundreds of homes and affect U.S. plans to commemorate this anniversary, I review the web site of Prensa Latina. 
The captain of firefighters, Kendal Bortisser, reported that the fire started in San Diego at 10 30 am on Thursday caused the mandatory evacuation of 200 homes in nearby Julian. 
While to the southeast, a sandstorm that hit the city of Phoenix, in Nevada, left thousands of homes without power and dozens of flights were canceled. The storm also forced thousands of people to cancel their vacation plans for the extended weekend. 
Similarly, the arrival of the hurricane that made ​​landfall Arthur in North Carolina on Thursday night, with winds of 155 kilometers per hour, affect millions of people on the East Coast, which caused flooding, power outages and damage vivie3ndas in Carolina North and other airlines of the Eastern U.S. coastline. 
In North and South Carolina emdio expected at least a million people during the national holiday that will extend until the next 7 July. 
Experts from the National Hurricane Center predict that Arthur becomes a post-cyclone.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fire covers 830 acres

Fire covers 830 acres

The fire triggered on Sunday saw Tivissa (Ribera d'Ebre) remained stable yesterday after devouring about 830 hectares of vegetation, mostly white pine and scrub. The fire I move all day in a protected area of the Natural Interest Space Mountains Tivissa-Vandellos practically inaccessible. But the hard work of the firefighters afternoon topo aid co arrival in heaven, rain. The precipitation showed up in numerous fire-stricken areas and with it came optimism. The Fire Brigade had stabilized by the fire at 19:30. 
tasks had extinction is complicated by the changing wind and the rough terrain, since more than 90% of the area is inaccessible by land. In many cases, firefighters had to be lessees by helicopter and work with hand tools if the controls felt that there was no danger of being caught in such as zon. 
"For a mayor is very difficult when you have 40 or 50 600 hectares burnt sacrifice other, but what we had to do to avoid greater evils regret, the strategy has been very good," explained Mayor Tivissa, Jordi Jardi. Yesterday participated in the work of extinction 77 land vehicles and 14 flight. They focused on preventing the arrival of the ravine dels Fogossos fire. Because once there the spread of fire would have been devastating multiplying the acres affected, Mayor argument. 

A forty neighboring isolated farmhouses 24 evacuees were able to return to their homes yesterday. Some had spent the night at the campsite Tivissa; others, in homes of relatives, as Opran Maria, 68, and Romanian. Was evacuated on Sunday at three in the morning and yesterday pedia concerned information the Mossos d 'Esquadra to know the state of their house and their animals, several roosters and hens. "They take more than a day without eating," he lament . Yet the fire did not damage any material good. only one farm but not the farmhouse burned in flames ", stated Xavier Pallares, delegate of the Government in the Terres de l'Ebre 

Genereralitat firefighters have given last night by the fire last Sunday declared Tivissa (Ribera d 'Ebre, which has burned an area of ​​830 acres of white pine and scrub control. 
According reported the Fire Brigade, the fire, which remained estabilizadoya Tuesday night, yesterday I advance not only been a small outbreak in the southeastern side which was quickly neutralized with apoto means of flight. 
land allocations ten firefighters will continue working to soak the perimeter affected by flames and review called hot spots. 
For this morning is planned flight of the incorporation of media units and FPG sites (GRAF) firefighters who will be transported by helicopter to the most inaccessible areas of the fire and work with hand tools to try to finish I extinguish.