Friday, August 1, 2014

"Austris perque omnem oram solvit modicis.

"Austris perque omnem oram solvit modicis. 
Summam minimam et Maximum temperaturis moderatus immutata posuit in. "

Hoc est tempestas praenuntientur pro hoc Jovis Cmunidad Valenciana. Non times facere mutationes polum ignis quam pridie. Autem, in Ministry de Interior locutus est Jovis preemergence tres gradus periculum maximum gradu procedere debet, ut in ipso vigilantes in omni providentia volutpat. Et a Iulio ad August immutatio, si speras Operatcion Augusti cotidie dezplazamientos magna iam ex-crevit, tum praesentia in augeri montes adipiscing lorem. Et homines, tot motus augeri periculo ignis. 
De varii generis centrum Valencie (OCC) tenere consuetudinem pertinet municipiis et localis, curationes in volutpat vestibulum, ut ad eos de loco, in mores, et quo in statu preemergence et non re-causa est, quia accidentia de libera moribus. 
Quod autem dicit quod est maximum, a CCE gradu ad mutationes in oculis meis et, quod licet, non liceret. et ut lex aliter actuya. 

I) Si ignis ignis liceret (taedae) 
Tinget in quibus sunt operationes Aestate festis est idem quod congruit: paella, barbecues, ignibus noctu ... apparet, sed solummodo de Valencia emergncias officia eorum etiam graviora, si non lux. Cum tribus gradibus moventur preemergence, est stricte prohibetur succendendum ignem foris, signatum est etiam in areas. Nam, cum ad publica consilia omnia spatia. 
Similiter non est commendatur ad fumum deambulabat per agros. Per supuestgo, adipiscing butts iacit, vel aliquid huiusmodi, de materia et matchsticks explosivae cogitationes (petados, masclets, ita se habet), in montem, et fasciis, et poenam ex lege. 
Denique littering ducla BEC fecet re cogita, quod semper est extra legem, ignis periculum augeatur ex crystallis quae potest praesentia magnificantes vitrum quod sole. 

Duo. Si olfacies fumus vocant CXII 
Si deprehenderit ignis CXII statim referre ad numerum, ibi ratus aliquis absque aliis denuntiare et propinquissimum auctores fient. 
III. Etiam Tortores 
Circumfusa enim Caesenniae flammis signa sequi et semper ad securitatem curatores a exitium. ESTNA optimum salutis et integritatis corporis. 
. IV Audi sensus communis Pretiosa sunt ignes 
Denique, ad interius consilium CCE et iustitia, et nullum in re obtemperandum est, et semper cum a regula in prudentia vitat decernendum preemergence et, quantum fieri potest, wildfires. Quamvis secundum durationem et spatium in diversis effectibus ignis gaudent omnes divitias saltu ducere adipiscing defectum, quae si gravis desertification ad desperatum. Processus et patria, miserabile facit pedis. Quia autem facientes damno enmerdarlo difficilis.

Monday, July 28, 2014



On the afternoon of July 27, 2004 the heat with aplomb caia Berrocal (Huelva). Nobody could imagine then that a tongue of flame would swallow an idyllic landscape of oaks and alconoques. The flames originated in Rio Tinto, devoured everything in their path until calcining 27,839 hectares of 13 municipalities in Huelva and Seville. The fire, caused but not condemned author, surprised a couple who passed away Seville while trying to flee the drama. Flames calcined animals, vegetation and belongings to affect an area of ​​34,291 acres of public and private mountain in the biggest fire in Andalucia in the last 25 years, only 6,452 hectares of public forest that were as green islands were saved within a bleak picture . 
Today the tenth anniversary of the tragedy that struck a mortal nature and the economic development of the peoples concerned commemorates blow. Within two weeks of the fire, the area was declared emergency and promised government investment in green and regain economic activity flourished in parallel. 
Between the board and the Ministry of Environment 78 million was invested to remove the burned trees correcion performances in hydrologic properties and prevent the ash from the fire would affect the two reservoirs that supply Huelva, among other measures. However, today is forgetting the feeling prevails among the residents of the area. 
Fire spokesman platform ever created after the fire Mas, Juan Romero, censorship: "In Berrocal agreements were signed to restore the mountains for 15 years and the fourth year were dashed." Romero explains that the promise to bring the people of the cork forests are public neglect the second year, while the agreements with the company Ence to swap public eucalyptus forest, "has not heard anything." The Board acknowledges that the negotiations remain open. 
In Berrocal two clear example of the projected economic diversification remains mired today: the center of interpretation of the Tinto river that built the Ministry of Environment is still closed, like the nursing board that building. 
The mayor, Juan Jesus Bermejo (PSOE), explains that the interpretation center, which cost one million euros, has been delayed because the city council wont changes in the project. These amendments were rejected by the auditor, not I pay the company Tragsa and this in turn culminated not works. The museological project. Finally, last year the central government was to pay and what the building is already finished. "But when we sat down to get it going we have seen that the documentation is not complete." says the mayor, so still not been delivered to the City. 
Councilman trusts solve the long delay in a month. "The senior center is completed but the cuts in the law of dependence can not put make up for lack of allocation of positions," he adds. Bermejo appreciates the actions of the government at this time while acknowledging that "not everything has gone as expected." 
Romero is most critical and Berrocal complaint is not visible in the result of compensatory actions after an environmental catastrophe ahber this dimension, thereby claiming the "vindictive spirit." 
On the contrary, the government contemplated andalz affected area for a future plan which if translated in aid for training, civil works such as roads and hydraulic infrastructures such as the establishment of agricultural risk in some affected areas. 
Today the local economy struggles to cope Berrocal. Annual losses in cork production totaled 600,000 kilos per year, of the 12,000 hectares of the municipality, burned about 6,000 of which 2,200 were of cork. Cooperative San Jose Berrocal, who billed 4.8 million between 1996 and 2004, a bill has passed 2.1 million between 2005 and 2013. Figures that puts on the ropes the future of the company according to its president, Juan Ramon Garcia. 
Meanwhile, the only suspect in the fire, Emilio Perdigon Panduro, a resident of Rio Tinto, was acquitted for lack of evidence after the trial in 2010 in Huelva PROVINCIONAL Hearing. The statement stressed the "suspicion" of his authorship, but not "full assurance." 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Reynosa, Tamaulipas Fire

Reynosa, Tamaulipas 

Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) reported that work continues to perform control and extinguishing the fire at the primary storage tank gasoline MJN. T .510, located in the northern courtyard of the refinery "Francisco l. Madero". 
Pemex I detail, through a statement issued by the area of social communication of Madero district, the tank contained 90,000 barrels aproxidamente the time of the fire. 
He added that at the time the incident aroused the Internal Emergency Response Plan of the refinery is active. 

Pemex mention that attention to the contingency, staff participates in the Madero refinery, Terminal and Port Operators Pemex Maritima, the Storage and Distribution Terminal Madero, also fire the port of Tampico and Madero. 
Inidico that has the support of the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of Defense, the Federal Police, Civil Protection municipal and state and the Port of Altamira Management. 
I point qe control and fire extinguishing foam A triple F is applied, concentrated special synthetic formulas, through two Motbombas mechanical articulated arm with telescopic sight and 35 meters and two fire pumps in the refinery unit. 
Pemex assure you, so far, two workers are reported with minor burns, as well as 10 workers with physical exhaustion dehydration by having participated in emergency work.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Fire in Washington grows with intensity


Without the wind subsided and the temperatures, a large fire in the north central region of Washington State intensified in a week in which the flames consumed homes, farms and panoramic hillsides.
After overflights conducted on Saturday is estimated that the fire caused by lightning covered about 932 square kilometers.
The fire had an extension of 673 square kilometers on Friday.
Spokeswoman Victoria Wilkins said clouds cooled the temperature overnight dissipated during Sunday morning but was expected to return. He added that two thousand 100 firefighters have been deployed to protect buildings.
He said crews are working to allow access to the main line of electricity Methow Valley, which is without electricity for four days ago. It is estimated to take at least three days open access to that area.
Road closures and changed to evaciaciones throughout the day, while the warm weather and winds gusting to 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour) had flames on the cliffs and into a number of localities in northeastern peuqeñas Seattle.
"This is a very active and fluid situation," said firefighter spokesman Chuck Turey.
Neighbors who live between Carlton and Pateros have been instructed to evacuate their homes. The fire has affected the electrical supply and many localities were following Saturday without electricity or phone.
There have been no serious injuries. It has been reported minor burns and bruises. Turey but described it as "a pretty impressive safety record."
About 50 fires are still active in Washington, according to the state governor, Jay Inslee, due to a combination of wet and dry weather, high winds and lightning. Two thousand firefighters were on the east side of the state, with a dozen helicopters recuersos Department of Natural and National Guard, along with a State Patrol plane.

Two thousand firefighters battling wave of fires in Washington

Two thousand firefighters battling wave of fires in Washington 

About 2,000 firefighters are currently fighting the wave of fires that affect the state of Washington and that time has destrudo a hundred houses, at once has forced thousands of people to leave.

On a particularly hot and dry because of the sequita that affects the entire western United States summer, and in a region battered by strong winds, Washington has witnessed during the last weeks of multitus fire, two of which have been violent.
One, Carlton Complex fire, burning a rural area in the center of the state, which has already destroyed 100 houses, many cars and forced to leave the entire town of Pateros, 650 inhabitants.
The fire, which had a perimeter of just over 72 sq km has advanced dramatically overnight, and this morning has already spread to the 673 sq km, according to the forest service said state.
July is the driest of the year in this part of the country, in which the winds were blowing hard during the last few days and is not expected that this trend will change during the weekend month.
"This is uyna very dynamic situation. Fires are very active and things change very fast way", explained the fire spokesman Dan Omdal.
Carlton Complex fire has forced the closure of many roads and highways, while destroying a large number of power lines, so that much of the Okanogan County is no electrical supply.
Just 160km south of Carlton fire, another violent fire progresses rapidly.

Friday, July 18, 2014

A woman first appears in the calendar New York firefighters

A woman first appears in the calendar New York firefighters

The sexiest star in New York firefighters each year known as the "Annual Calendar of Heroes", a very popular among neoyoquinos yearbook. 

Although still scorch the heats, and is printed in the edition of next year and is already on sale at the usual sculpted bodies, muscles .... But suddenly, she appears. Danae Mine is the first woman to pose for the calendar along with 13 other firefighters involved in the initiative. And it's not exactly a model. Danae has 11 years working for the Department and is the only of the 41 women in the Corps who has dared to pose together with their peers. 

With them seeks to encourage other women to join one of the most famous emergency services of the Big Apple. The yearbook costs 15 dollars and can be purchased is kiosks, bookshops and souvenir shops. The money will be allocated to a foundation for the prevention of fires.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Washington, United States Fire

Washington, United States 

A forest fire that consumes grass, shrubs and an occasional tree in the center of the state of Washigton has spread about five square kilometers (two square miles), but authorities reported progress in the protection of homes in the area. 
Rick Costa, fire operations spokesman, said 763 firefighters are fighting the fire in the barrel Mills Saturday morning had grown to about 88 square kilometers (34 square miles) near Entiat, about halfway between Seattle and Spokane. 
Despite the heat, the fire was not much propagated Saturday said. He added that the fire is controlled by almost a fifth and smoke affect the air in Entiat and other nearby destinations.